Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment are at the heart of teaching and learning. Each student in our community public school district deserves every opportunity to earn an education that will open the door to living the life they deserve. The driving force of our team's work is to provide these opportunities. We look forward to standing beside you as you raise your student(s). Through the use of collaboration and data, our goal is to provide alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment across all grade levels and subject areas so that all students can thrive.

Basia Kiehler 
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Title IX Coordinator


  • Curriculum and Instruction Pre K-12

  • Dual Enrollment/Advanced Placement

  • District Staff Development

  • Leadership Meetings

  • Administrator Evaluations

  • Michigan Continuous Improvement Process

  • District and State Assessments

  • State and Federal Grants

  • Pinckney Virtual Academy

Laura Allen
K-6 Literacy Coach
LESA Early Literacy Coach


  • K-6 Literacy Coach

  • Literacy Essentials Coordinator

  • Professional Development Facilitator

  • Supports Teachers with District Literacy Initiatives

  • Models Best Practices in Literacy

  • MTSS/Intervention Program Coordinator

  • LESA Instructional Support

Kim Kijewski
Instructional Consultation Teams Facilitator (ICT)
English Learner (EL) Consultant


  • Facilitate Instructional Consultation Teams K-6 

  • Help initiate and introduce the IC Team process to the school

  • Develop the IC team delivery system and facilitate the teams in delivering services to their schools.

  • Provide ongoing training to develop team members’ skills

  • Coach individual team members on the Instructional Consultation Process

  • Work with the principal and key staff members to integrate IC into the school functioning

  • Consult with teachers using the ICT Problem Solving Process

  • Plan and deliver school and district professional development

  • Coordinate EL services K-12

  • Administer WIDA Screener and WIDA Access for EL’s annually

  • Consult with content area teachers of EL’s

Ruth Smart
Assistant to Curriculum and Superintendent
SCECH Coordinator


  • Grant Monitoring

  • SCECH Coordinator

  • Professional Development Processing

  • MDE reports

  • Material distribution, curriculum software

  • BoardDocs Policies and Procedures

  • Board Agendas and Packets

  • Technology Procurement

  • Technology PO, billing

  • Processes budget changes, purchase orders, conference registrations, and reimbursements

The development and delivery of a high-quality curriculum that is aligned to state and national standards is a very complex task. Assembling a great curriculum is like putting together a complicated puzzle. Here at Pinckney Community Schools, we are proud of the work we are doing and the amount of the puzzle that we have completed. Solving the Curriculum puzzle involves several basic types of puzzle pieces:

  • The development of lessons built around Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations or High School Content Expectations

  • The use of high-quality student assessments that accurately reflect the state standards

  • Acquiring the tools and developing the skills to evaluate the data resulting from assessment, so that we can find where our strengths and weaknesses are in delivering the content

  • The continuing development of our own skill as professionals to deliver the content to our students in the most effective ways possible

Here are some "Parent Roadmaps" for Common Core in English Language Arts from the Council of the Great City Schools.

Here are some "Parent Roadmaps" for Common Core in Mathematics from the Council of the Great City Schools.