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Laura Allen
K-6 Literacy Coach

Kathleen Krill
6-12 Literacy Coach

What is a Literacy Coach?

A literacy coach supports classroom teachers with tier one literacy instruction and promotes the implementation of research-based literacy practices through modeling, conferencing, observing, and co-planning. 

Three Competencies of Effective Literacy Coaches

From our work and from other literature, we have identified three competencies that seem key to the success of literacy coaches. Effective literacy coaches

  • Understand Reading
    They are familiar with reading research, reading standards for their state, and reading assessments. They know what is to be taught at each grade level.

  • Understand Pedagogy
    They are familiar with best practices in reading instruction, they have a collection of effective strategies to draw upon, and they know how to manage a classroom of diverse learners so that the learning needs of individual students are addressed. They know that students learn in engaging learning environments, and they know how to engage students in appropriate learning.

  • Understand Coaching
    They know how to help other teachers learn, experiment, and apply new knowledge. They know how to facilitate meetings, use questioning strategies, and offer support. They do not simply share information with teachers but instead work collaboratively with teachers to learn new information and strategies together. Source