Travel Policy

Reimbursement for Travel and Expenses:

Reimbursement for travel and expenses must adhere to Board Policy DLC-R. These guidelines must be followed with no exceptions.

  1. Reimbursement will be made only if the trip received proper authorization and certification; otherwise, the traveler will be liable for all expenses incurred.

  2. Budget allocations for conferences may not be sufficient to handle the number of requests; therefore, it is left to the discretion of the administration to determine to what degree or amount the traveler's expenses shall be reimbursed. This determination is to be made when the request is submitted, with an accompanying estimate of costs. When less than full reimbursement is authorized, that amount shall be noted on the approved, signed request.

  3. Reimbursable items pertaining to school business are:

    • lodging (actual room cost)

    • meals (actual cost limited to $30.00 per day except at conferences in major cities, where additional reasonable cost shall be allowed)

    • conference registration fees

    • parking and tolls

    • common carrier transportation within limitations of this policy

    • use of private vehicle within limitations of this policy

    • postage, telephone, and telegram charge for business purposes

    • charge for baggage service, tips

  4. The following expenses are considered to be nonreimbursable items:

    • alcoholic beverages

    • room service

    • personal use purchases

    • expenses of a spouse or other family member

    • personal auto use for purposes other than business

  5. Request for reimbursement shall be accompanied by proper invoices or other verification of expenditures. Expenses without proper documentation shall not be reimbursed. If an invoice for meals covers persons other than the individual, the names of those persons and the reason for their inclusion shall be attached. Please make sure all reimbursements meet these criteria. Thank you for your cooperation. Your assistance will help us in processing your reimbursement for travel and related expenses.