Pinckney Community Schools is a place where all children can learn, develop and apply 21st-century skills, become life-long learners and continue their growth as productive members of our community and our world.


Pinckney Community Schools, in cooperation with parents and community and in response to an ever-changing world, is dedicated to educating all students by guiding them in a caring and supportive environment to acquire knowledge, develop skills, evaluate options and appreciate learning so they become self-sufficient, contributing citizens.


We believe in creating learning environments that foster strong relationships, demonstrate relevance to the world we live and work in and enable every student, including those with diverse needs, to meet or exceed rigorous standards for academic performance.

  • All children can learn, including those with diverse needs.

  • It is our responsibility to understand children’s learning needs and find ways to teach them.

  • It is our responsibility to understand children’s learning styles and find ways to teach them.

  • Using data will help us ensure student success and prevent student failure.

  • Instruction should be differentiated to address the differences in children.

  • A variety of assessments, both standards-based and normative, can help inform our choices in addressing the needs of the learner.

  • Instruction and curriculum should prepare our students for all post-secondary paths and use real-world examples.

  • We believe the active involvement of the parents/guardians of our students, businesses, and the community is essential to students’ learning.

  • Communication between parents/guardians and the school enriches the quality of children’s education.