ARAMARK is committed to providing quality service and nutritious, well-balanced meals to our students and staff. We serve up to 1500 meals every day at five locations.


The daily menu selections will vary by building and grade levels. The number of choices will grow with your child. Elementary students have up to four entrée choices, Navigator and Pathfinder students have up to six, while Pinckney High School offers ten or more entrees daily. A variety of ala carte items are also available daily. See the Printable Lunch Menus link above for more information.




CURBSIDE PICKUP - Ending in June 2021


CURBSIDE PICKUP - Ending in June 2021



Free and Reduced meals are available to those households that qualify with a reduced meal cost of $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch. Please note that only full meals will be issued to free and reduced customers. Ala carte milk must be purchased separately. Good nutrition can assist your child’s learning experience. We encourage those who are eligible to take advantage of this program. There are approximately 170 service days in a typical school year. Each school day, breakfast, and lunch are served. If your child is eligible for free/reduced meals under the federal income guidelines and is not receiving free/reduced meals, they are missing an opportunity to eat nutritionally balanced meals at significant savings to parents.

  • For an elementary student, the savings amount to parents for a free student is $714.00 and for a reduced student is $595.00.

  • For a middle school student, the savings amount to parents for a free student is $799.00 and for a reduced student is $680.00.

  • For a high school student, the savings amount to parents for a free student is $926.50 and for a reduced student is $807.50.

Parents and students are encouraged to review our healthy meal selections and make the choice for students to eat breakfast and lunch at school. Our job is to keep your child well-nourished.

Eligibility is based on income. Please refer to this table for information on eligibility for the program.

The income guidelines based on the family size and income

Income guidelines for free and reduced lunch


All buildings are now operating with the computerized point of sale system. This makes serving your child much easier and faster. Upon enrollment, all students are assigned a student identification number which is also their cafeteria account number. Every student has an account, whether it is used or not. This is a debit account. Parents/guardians can send in payments by cash or check (payable to PCS Lunch fund) to their school’s cafeteria. Please be sure to include the student's name and account number. Payments can also be made online. See the instructions labeled "Student Account Information" above. Deposits cannot be taken over the phone. Purchases are automatically deducted from the account.