Contact Info

Cindy McClafferty
Community Education Program Manager

Vivian Gunderson
Country Latchkey Coordinator

Lisa Adkins
Farley Hill Latchkey Coordinator

Tammy Miller
Navigator Latchkey Coordinator


Before and after school care providing: Caring supervision, activities for fun and learning, arts and crafts projects, Supervised homework time.

Latchkey is a service that provides childcare for school-aged children before and after the school day. A variety of educational and recreational activities are included in the program. Our goal is to be able to offer the community a safe, educational, and loving environment. Latchkey in the Pinckney School District is a self-supporting program dependent on tuition fees to meet operational costs. There is an annual $75.00 registration fee for the school year and an additional $50.00 for the summer program per family.

Pinckney Community Education has transitioned to an online tool for registering and managing your latchkey account. Register and manage your account at

Fee Schedule

Monday - Thursday:

$10.00 for each session, AM or PM
$9.00 for siblings


$10.00 for AM session
$9.00 for siblings
$12.00 for PM session for all children

Half Days, AM:

$9.00 for siblings

Half Days, PM:

$21.00 for siblings

Latchkey is not available on snow days.

Locations and Times

Latchkey Centers are located at Country Elementary, Farley Hill Elementary, and Navigator Upper Elementary. Hours of operation are 6:15 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:30 to 6:00 PM. Latchkey is in operation on all scheduled school days. For more information please contact Cindy McClafferty.