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Students may enroll anytime. Here you'll find links to the following topics:

  • Transfer Student, or New to Pinckney

  • Kindergarten Registration

  • Annual Re-enrollment
    (Register for next year)

Building Contacts:

  • Country Elementary, Grades PreK-2

  • Farley Hill Elementary, Grades PreK-2

  • Navigator Upper Elementary School, Grades 3-5

  • Pathfinder School, Grades 6-8

  • Pinckney Community High School, Grades 9-12

To confirm what elementary building covers your neighborhood, please contact Transportation at 810.225.3960, the Board of Education office at 810.225.3900, or by using the elementary school building to street address lookup tool.

Thank you for choosing Pinckney Community Schools. We appreciate your interest.

New to the District?

To begin the enrollment process, please click the following links to access the necessary forms for enrollment:

*Please note that the registration forms for new student registration will not display properly on a cellphone/mobile device. Please use a computer for the best user experience.

The following documents are required to finalize registration for new students:

  1. Student's birth certificate

  2. Proof of vision screening (Kindergarten ONLY)

  3. Immunization record

  4. Proof of residency

To confirm what elementary building area your neighborhood resides in, please contact Transportation at 810.225.3960, the Board of Education office at 810.225.3900, or by clicking this link:


Schools of Choice

If you are looking to enroll a student who resides outside of the Pinckney Community Schools boundaries, please visit the following link for information on the Pinckney Schools of Choice program:

Pinckney Community Schools Interdistrict Schools of Choice Program

Preschool and Kindergarten Registration

For more information on Preschool and Kindergarten offerings at Pinckney Community Schools, please visit the following link:

Kindergarten Registration

Preschool Registration

Families in Transition:

Students and families who are experiencing some difficulty in their housing or family-living situation may be eligible for assistance and support via the federal McKinney-Vento Act to enroll, remain in, and succeed in school. This may range from students who are homeless or in transitional housing, to families who may need to move in with family or friends due to economic, family conflict, fire/natural disaster, or similar reasons. If you or your family are experiencing this type of transition, please contact Patty Higgins, McKinney-Vento Liaison for Pinckney Community Schools, at 810.225.5215 or phiggins@pinckneypirates.org. More information is also available through the following links:

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

Homeless Education Frequently Asked Questions