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Country Elementary Intervention Team 

Jessica McPike, Intervention Teacher

Lauren Warwick, Intervention Teacher

Mike Goodfellow, Intervention Teacher

Farley Hill Elementary Intervention Team

Patricia O'Neil
Intervention Teacher

Alison Wink
Intervention Teacher

Navigator Intervention Team

Amanda Kansa
Intervention Teacher

Stacey Prince
Intervention Teacher

Pathfinder Intervention Team

Ann Nims
Intervention Teacher

Kristen Peffer
Intervention Teacher

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a comprehensive framework comprising a collection of research-based strategies designed to meet the individual needs and assets of the whole child. MTSS intentionally interconnects the education, health, and human service systems in support of successful learners, schools, centers, and community outcomes. The five essential components of MTSS are inter-related and complementary. The MTSS framework provides schools and districts with an efficient way to organize resources to support educators in the implementation of effective practices with fidelity so that all learners succeed.

Essential Components 

  • Team-Based Leadership

  • Tiered Delivery System of Core Instruction, Interventions and Services

  • Selection and Implementation of Instruction, Interventions and Supports 

  • Comprehensive Screening & Assessment System

  • Continuous Data-Based Decision Making

Source: Michigan Department of Education

For more information please check the PCS K-6 District Packet.

Intervention Services

PCS has a team of intervention staff in each K-6 building that works within our system of support. Our team monitors student growth to ensure learners are receiving the support they need to make growth. 

Intervention Curricula