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Basia Kiehler
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


A school district best serves its students and parents by establishing an integrated and dynamic relationship between its curriculum, instruction, and assessment standards.

In Pinckney, these standards and practices are grounded in the Michigan state standards. Michigan standards have changed over time, and the state, in recent years, has adopted new standards to ensure that all students are career and college ready.

Career & college-ready students possess the skills necessary to earn a self-sustaining wage and participate in postsecondary opportunities without remediation. 

This means that they:

  • use technology and tools strategically in learning and communicating

  • use argument and reasoning to do research,  construct arguments, and critique the reasoning of others

  • communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of audiences

  • solve problems, construct explanations and design solutions

For more information, please see the Michigan Department of Education's Academic Standards

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