PTO Meeting—Join us for our PTO Meetings at 4:15 pm in the media center. Free child-care is available.

Upcoming dates are:

  • Wednesday, October 9
  • Wednesday, November 20
  • Wednesday, December 18

Box Tops for Education:

BoxTops has updated the way parents can "clip" boxtops and made it easier by creating an app that does away with the clipping part of BoxTops! Parents can download the new BoxTops app to their phone. When they go grocery shopping they can scan the receipt into the app (it will explain how). The app will count all of the BoxTops for you and the money will automatically be sent to your school. You can decide which school you want the money to go to when you download the app and create an account. You do not have to physically clip BoxTops anymore. You simply scan your receipt in the app and it does all the work! 

We will still accept physical box tops as the company begins to phase them out. There is a purple bin outside the office to collect them.