The Link- A Pathway to Success

Pinckney Community Schools Alternative Education Program

The Link - A Pathway to Success is an alternative education program that is offered online and in person. The Link is designed for students who prefer a more independent learning experience or who are credit deficient and not on track to graduate on time from PCHS. Student learning takes place using the Michigan Virtual Essentials Platform for most core classes. When Essential classes are not available, students will be enrolled in Michigan Virtual Plus courses. 

Students are required to graduate with 18 credits in line with  the Michigan Merit Curriculum and graduate with a PCS, The Link - A Pathway to Success, High School Diploma. The following are the classes The Link students must complete.

Michigan Virtual Essentials & Plus Course Options


4 Credits


3 Credits

Social Studies:

3 Credits


4 Credits


4 Credits

Algebra 1A

Algebra 1B

Geometry A

Geometry B

Algebra 2A

Algebra 2B

Senior Math A

Senior Math B (different options)

Earth Science A 

Earth Science B

Biology A

Biology B

Chemistry A

Chemistry B

US History A

US History B

World History A

World History B


US Government

English 1A

English 1B

English 2A

English 2B

English 3A

English 3B

English 4A

English 4B

World Language 1A

World Language 1B

World Language 2A   

World Language 2B


Two VPAA Electives

Personal Fitness

Health Education

Employability Skills Careers-Find Your Future

*All MV Essential classes (in black) are not NCAA approved. Student-Athletes need to be aware of this before making an enrollment decision. LINK students are not allowed to participate in athletics at PCHS.

**Bold italicized courses are Michigan Virtual Plus Courses. They do not offer an essentials course for that class.

***Each course is worth .5 credits.

Students will attend a 5 hour/day program. The schedule is the following:

  • 1st Class: 

  • 2nd Class:

  • LUNCH: 11:13AM-11:43AM

  • 3rd Class

  • 4th Class: (snack/brain breaks throughout the day)

  • 5th Class

Freshman/Sophomores will be expected to be at school Monday - Thursday. Fridays will be a collaboration day for the mentor to touch base with families and keep data. Once a student is in their Junior/Senior year, the student and their families have the option to have the student work from home and check into the building a minimum of 2x’s a week (Mondays and Wednesdays).

Any student not on track with the above requirements may be referred to our alternative education school, The Link - A Pathway to Success. PCHS students’ class standing is evaluated bi-annually to assess student credits and to determine a student’s grade level placement. The following is a minimum number of credits a student must have earned to achieve a particular grade level: 

Standing Credits at PCHS the start of the school year:

  • Sophomore 7

  • Junior 14

  • Senior 21

PCHS students have four years to complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements to graduate. Any student not completing these requirements within the four years will complete their high school requirements at The Link - A Pathway to Success.

If you are interested in learning more about The Link, please contact Mr. Frank McMurray Assistant Principal for more information.