Middle Mile - Gleaners



One of my favorite committees that I sit on is the Hunger Council for Livingston County.  They work with many people in our district on projects like the Farley Hill Food Pantry, the Mobile Food Pantry and our new share table & share fridge.  I am excited to offer a new resource and volunteer opportunity to our families in Pinckney Community Schools.  


The project is called the Middle Mile and offers a partnership between local businesses that offer food services and our school.  Local businesses will voluntarily donate food that can be packaged and delivered by volunteers to Pathfinder. At Pathfinder we will coordinate the food to be accessed by our families who could benefit from this support.  There have been a few articles in the news and on Facebook that have highlighted similar programs to this in other areas.  


I love this idea because many of our community members want to volunteer but don't have hours of time.  The Middle Mile project will have an app that connects the volunteer only to the deliveries that fit your schedule!  It is as easy as saying YES and then picking up the food to then be dropped at Pathfinder.  It could be only 1/2 of an hour depending on when food is available.  


Does this interest you?  If so, please see the attached flier that will connect you to Roni Lundy and a meeting to explain this process.  Thank you for considering it - hungry children have a hard time learning. Any support you can give is a worthy investment in our children.  


Lori Sandula

Navigator & Pathfinder Assistant Principal