New Tech Class of 2019 Has Plans

Last night, we celebrated many of our Seniors at the annual NTH Senior Banquet. We heard from Superintendent Rick Todd, Director McBride, students including Abigail Bousho, Cierra Szalony, Olivia Sykes, Brooklyn Swarthout, and Lillian Prescott, and teachers, Mrs. Walker and Mr. Ozias. 

This event always reminds us of what makes us unique. We're reminded that Pinckney New Tech High is a part of a national network of over 200 schools doing innovative work intended to prepare learners to succeed and lead in a society with ever-evolving demands. New Tech students are so connected to one another and their teachers by the end of their career here, you can feel it in the room. Students describe their New Tech experience as life-changing. They suggest that project-based learning has made them more comfortable working with others and speaking in front of an audience. They are empowered to speak up and to advocate for themselves. They have a stronger sense of who they are and what they want out of life. In fact, one student reflected that she is better able to put words to her feelings as a result of her New Tech courses. As a 37-year-old, I found this profound, as how many of us still grapple with self-awareness and regulation as adults?!

The New Tech Class of 2019 is special in so many ways. They are leaders in and outside of New Tech. Across the campus, they thrive in:

  • Student Government
  • Robotics
  • Act II (Drama)
  • Art
  • Autos
  • Athletics
  • eSports
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business
  • Yearbook
  • Music
  • and Dual Enrollment & AP Coursework.

This group may be small, but they are mighty incredible! Within New Tech, our Student Voice group thrives because some of these Seniors have made it so. In the last 2 years, Student Voice leaders have:

  • Informed destinations for our NTH-wide field trips and college visits
  • Planned and facilitated our NTH-wide monthly Advisory sessions
  • Ensured we have a spread devoted to New Tech in the PCHS Yearbook
  • Helped to revise our internship system expectations to also include job shadowing
  • Initiated efforts to beautify the New Tech purple hall in ways that align to our college and career ready purpose
  • Ideated and led marketing efforts that can be attributed to our incoming New Tech class coming close to DOUBLING this year's graduating class in size. 

It should come as no surprise that we as a New Tech team are proud of this group, and to view this slideshow that tells us where they're headed after graduation is just all the more affirming:

Good luck, Class of 2019, and we can't wait to stay connected with you as you embark upon the next chapter in your lives!

Mrs. McBride