Beginning of Day

Parent Drop Off: During drop off, please have your child stay in the car until 8:43 am.  Latchkey is available if you need to drop off before 8:43 am.  If you are using the inside lane during student drop off, please have your child wait in the car until a staff member can walk your child to the curb.  For children that require assistance with exiting your car (such as unbuckling car seats) which require you to exit the car, please park and walk your child(ren) to the sidewalk using the crosswalk.  School starts at 8:53 am.  If you are arriving after 8:53, please park in the west parking lot and walk your child up to the school door.  Use the “buzz in” system and you will be directed to sign your child in the lobby. Finally, if you are in the bus loop during morning arrival or dismissal, do not walk between the buses.   Both of these times are very busy with many kids, adults and vehicles moving.  For the safety of all, please have patience and follow these guidelines.

Bus Drop off: Starting at 8:43 am, buses will release students. Each bus will dismiss one at a time at the west entrance. Staff members will meet groups of students at their bus and walk our Kindergarten/First grade students into the building to meet their teacher. 

End of Day

Parent/Guardian Pick-up:  Students will meet their adult at the east parking lot curb. Please have your window sign displayed on the left side of your car when you come to pick up your child(ren).  As cars arrive for pick up they will line up at the curb. Staff will bring your child out through east side gym doors to meet their adult. Please note the traffic flow map below.

 It is critical to communicate with your child’s teacher the after-school plan (pick-up, bus rider or latch key) for your child.  If their normal schedule is changing for the day, please send in a note.  If you are making last minute changes to this plan, please call the office (and communicate with your child(ren) teacher), no later than 3:30 pm.  

Bus:  Classes will be dismissed individually to load buses at the end of day. Students will stay in the classroom until their class is dismissed to walk out to the bus.

Country Pickup and Drop Off Map for Parents