PCHS Daily Bell Schedule

The bell schedule shows the regular times for Monday through Thursday and the early release schedule for Fridays. In Pinckney our Friday schedule is a shorter day for students, allowing teachers to meet and learn together for 80 minutes at the end of each Friday after students are dismissed.

Monday - ThursdayFriday
7:30-8.21 First Hour7:30-8:06 First Hour
8:21-8:26 Passing8:06-8:11 Passing
8:26-9:18 Second Hour8:11-8:47 Second Hour
9:18-9:23 Passing8:47-8:52 Passing
9:23-10:14 Third Hour8:52-9:28 Third Hour
10:14-10:19 Passing9:28-9:33 Passing
10:19-11:40 Fourth Hour9:33-10:09 Fourth Hour
11:40-11:45 Passing10:09-10:14 Passing
11:45-12:36 Fifth Hour10:14-10:39 RED lunch/advisory
12.36-12:41 Passing10:39-10:44 Passing
12:41-1:32 Sixth Hour10:44-11:09 BLACK lunch/advisory
1:32-1:37 Passing11:09-11:14 Passing
1:37-2:30 Seventh Hour11:14-11:50 Fifth Hour
11:50-11:55 Passing
11:55-12:31 Sixth Hour
12:31-12:36 Passing
12:36-1:09 Seventh Hour