Wednesday, September 18, 4:15-5:00 In Media Center


Attendees: Yvonne Taylor, Jenny Myers, Patrick Murphy, Natalie Wasielewski, Carrie Gutierrez, Krystal Godlesky, Heidi Swanson, Steve Abbamonte, Dea Schell, Amanda Blanchard, Dianne Mortensen, Martha Munson, Cindy Charnawskas, Kim Tracy

Goal Setting Protocol: Small Group Discussion

This is an opportunity for us to develop an overall picture of what we hope to accomplish this year, an opportunity to collaboratively identify individual and smaller goals this year, and to develop a shared sense of ownership/responsibility for future meetings.

Discussion Topics & Summary:

  • Why does our PTO exist?
    • Support for our school community
    • Bridging the gap between parents and teachers/school
    • Working toward school improvements
      • Thinking about improving the nature trails on school grounds is a current relevant example of this/idea in discussion!
    • Getting out a positive word about Pinckney Schools; building a positive mindset
  • What are our goals?
    • Increase parent participation at meetings
    • Improve communication before/after meetings
    • Support extracurricular academic programs
    • Support events and activities that build community/family fun
  • What do we support?
    • Academic Programs
      • Reading Club
      • Math Club
      • Math Superstars
      • Science programs
      • Scholastic News program
      • Student field trips (support for students who need monetary assistance)
    • Family Fun Events
      • Fall Festival
      • Cookies with Santa
      • Spring Carnival
      • Field Day/End of Year Celebration
    • Teacher and Bus Driver appreciation initiatives
  • History and Accomplishments


  • General Notes/Status
    • PTO does one fundraiser per year (current fundraiser in progress) to fund yearly PTO expenses/events
    • Fun Run in Spring is not a PTO funded fundraiser
    • New Leadership Team is in the process of gaining access to our PTO bank account
    • Currently ~$5,400 in the account
  • Upcoming expenses:
    • Scholastic program costs (~$3,000)
      • Action Item: Patrick will look into whether or not costs can be reduced for Scholastic program next year based on more accurate student class numbers
    • Fall Festival
  • Idea: Sign up to receive a subset of Amazon Prime costs via Amazon Smile
    • Action Item: Krystal: Look into how can we get Amazon Smile set up prior to upcoming fall/holiday season, connect with Jenny on this prior to next PTO Meeting
  • Idea: More clarity & communication to parents around how we are using money that is raised
    • How is money utilized that is earned from the PTO Fundraiser?
    • How is monty utilized that comes from Fun Run?
    • Action Item: Jenny to communicate a list of PTO-funded programs/events out via the Facebook Page, preferably by Friday 8/20. Also draft a letter that students can take home to parents
  • Idea: Movie Night
    • Kids come and watch a movie, kids are supervised
    • Adults can hang out in the library or maybe use the time for a date
  • Idea: 50/50 Raffle? Country is doing this
    • We need to be licensed to do this
  • Idea: Winter wreaths - fundraiser idea
    • Action Item: Dea and Heidi to look into winter wreath fundraising idea and let PTO Leadership know if possible
  • Request: Math Facts Challenge Funding : $1,200 (less than $90 per month)
    • Program intended to help kids engage with math
    • 1 child per classroom wins a small prize every month (recognizing improvement, etc.)
    • Encourages automaticity of knowing math facts (similar to how kids automatically know sight words)
  • Action Item: Yvonne/Patrick to develop process for making decisions when funding requests come up
    • Should work toward each program requesting funding to have a pre-approved budget amount
New Business
  1. Fundraiser Kick-off Assembly & Information about the fundraiser
    1. Money due Sept 30th
    2. Product pick-up on Oct 23rd
  2. Fall Festival Coming Up September 26
  3. See notes from September 3 Leadership Team Meeting
    1. Seeking Ideas, Input and Volunteers
  4. School Improvement Initiatives Funding
    1. Math Fact Challenge
    2. March is Reading Month
    3. Other?

Upcoming Volunteer Needs

  • Fundraiser Pick-Up on October 23 (times TBD but will be in the afternoon):
    • Krystal, Carrie, Jenny, Patrick, Natalie are available to help
    • Action Item: Natalie/Jenny to create sign-up genius or schedule so volunteers can sign up for a shift/slot for Oct 23 product pick-up
  • Fall Festival
    • Pumpkin Unloading (possibly Wednesday evening September 25th)
      • Action Item: Jenny to check with Lisa Adkins to see if we can store the pumpkins on the stage overnight until the Fall Festival, or check with Lisa Stidham to see if we can use the outer wall of the gymnasium. Perhaps third graders can help unload them.
    • Parents handing out donuts and cider to reduce waste
      • Action Item: Yvonne to look into PHS NHS to volunteer to help

Scheduled After School from 4:15-5:00 - Childcare Provided

September 18

October 9

November 20

December 18