Pinckney Community Schools Employees

In the event that an employee is injured while on the job, please complete and submit the following forms to Kathy Robinson, Human Resources Assistant, at the Board of Education office.

Supervisor's Report of Accident Form

Employee Report of Injury Form

The following form needs to be given to the employee to complete and give to the treatment facility:

Authorization to Treat Form

Pinckney Community Schools employees that are injured can be treated at the following location during normal business hours:

Concentra Urgent Care 7960 Grand River Avenue Suite #100 Brighton (810)225-9800

Any employee that needs to be treated for an injury that occurs after hours can be seen at the nearest urgent care facility. Any additional questions about Worker's Compensation can be directed to Kathy Robinson at (810) 225-3908.

EDUStaff Employees working on site at Pinckney Community Schools

Any EDUStaff employee who has been injured while on the job needs to complete the following form:

EDUStaff Injury Report Form

A copy of the form should be sent to EDUStaff as noted on the form and a copy should be sent to Kathy Robinson at Central Office. The employee should take a copy of the form with them to:

Concentra Urgent Care located at 7960 Grand River Suite 100, Brighton (810)225-9800.

In addition, EDUStaff need to take an Authorization to Treat form with them when seeking treatment. Any questions regarding treatment for EDUSTaff employees can be referred to EDUStaff at (877) 974-6338.

LESA Employees working on site at Pinckney Community Schools

LESA staff members should report work related injuries via the following link:

LESA Worker's Compensation Information

For all other injury reports, please use the following:

Student and Non-Employee Accident Report Form