Student pick up/ drop off during the school day

Our goal is to provide a safe and productive learning environment for all students and staff.  To promote a safe facility, all outside school doors are locked during the school day.  Please note our procedures for accessing our building during the school day.

All students who arrive at school after 8:53 am, please use our buzz in system and sign in your child.  This sign in form is at our Welcome Station located in the west foyer. Please have your child go to the office to check in and we will assure their safe arrival to their classroom.

All students getting picked up prior to end of day dismissal, please use our” buzz in” system and sign your child out using the form at our Welcome Station in the foyer.  We will have your child meet you at the west foyer.

Dropping off items for your child during the school day  

There are days when we race out the door and forget our lunch, a library book, snow boots, etc. When you need to bring an item to school for your child, please use our “buzz in” system and our staff will greet you. You will be able to enter the main doors and leave your child’s item in a marked area in the west foyer. Please be sure to put your child’s name and teacher’s name on the item. We will be sure to get it to your child right away.