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Watershed Information

In 1999 the Enivorment Protection Agency (EPA) established Phase II of the Clean Water Act to address the the problem of protecting our areas water resourses from polluted stormwater runoff. Pinckney Community Schools is located in the Lower Huron River watershed that covers over 900 square miles or 576,000 acres. The Huron river itself is approximately 136 miles long and encompassing seven counties. 24 major tributaries flow in the Huron River. Most of the Huron River watershed in Livingston county is in Hamburg Township. In October of 2003 the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issued a permit that authorizes PCS to discharge storm water through a separate storm drainage stystem to the waters of the state. Earth-Day-2006-002 




Report any hazardous waste or illicit discharge that is found on school property.

Call 810-225-3973